Why do we need healing?

We all react in different ways to our life experiences and these reactions become habitual.  For example providing that as a child we have experienced comfort when we have been frightened, as an adult we will naturally self-comfort or ask for comfort in a similar situation. In our bodies and ourselves we will immediately feel better. However if we weren’t comforted as a child our reaction will be the opposite – we will have no natural reaction to self comfort and will repel comfort from others.  In our bodies we will feel tense and out of sorts.  Somewhere within ourselves we hold the memory of an event that happened to us way back in our past.  We need healing when we hold negative memories which block our ability to enjoy the positives in ourselves and our lives. 

How it all started


About The 12 Body Areas

We all have a basic set of needs and if these aren’t met we can suffer low self-esteem and poor health. To help you recognise these needs and assess your own state of well-being I have created.The 12 Body Areas and The 5 Significant Systems. Negative patterns can be held anywhere in your body, in your emotions, thought processes and in your sub-conscious.